Oracle GoldenGate Online Training

In today’s aggressive business environment business software purposes need to do regularly accessible to clients, suppliers, associates, and agents. Oracle Golden Gate 12c allows the regular, real-time capturing, routing, transformation, and delivery of transactional data over different environments. As recently or renewed data is performed at the reference system, it is continuously taken and utilized to one or more destination systems with low waiting.

Oracle Golden Gate architecture11g is a large-performance software design for real-time transactional business data recovery, transformation, and transmission, according to log-based directional information replication. Oracle Golden Gate replication is a whole software key for real-time data sequence and replication under many IT positions.

Why do we require to Learn Oracle Golden Gate?

Before we can follow Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c including Oracle Golden Gate, there remain prerequisites that need to be satisfied previous to expanding the OEM plugin. These software requirements ensure that OEM goes including that Oracle Golden Gate base step by step on.

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c( or audience)
  • Oracle Golden Gate ( or later)
  • Java Development Kit (JDK 1.6) on any system to move monitored


While including anything that must be configured under Oracle, there exist some prerequisites you must to take care of head.  From here, we will see in some prerequisites and whereby people need to remain configured.  At the point of this posting, you pleasure to discuss a simple technique to really that monitoring involves working from inside OEM.

Hands-on Experience:

This Oracle Education from ITEducationalExperts implies designed to give a complete understanding of this Oracle Golden Gate step by step with a hands-on tutorial. You want to visit and commanded in some Intelligence positions, the Lifecycle, concepts of Golden Gate, working with tables, and plans. Here step by step online education center is to improve on planning templates and reports.